Saturday, March 31, 2012

What would you do if you had only 30 days to chase your dream?

Joe Trabucco and Stephen Menard spent more than twenty years building a flourishing litigation practice. To escape conflicts and adjust their rates to reflect the prevailing market, it became clear that for the benefit of their clients, it was time to leave Biglaw and strike out on their own. If they wanted to preserve the support of their key client, they had a window of only 30 days between trials to successfully launch Trabucco & Menard.

To get started they did what any good attorney would do: research. Quickly they amassed a task list that was long and unmanageable. They knew that they needed to put together a business plan, an IT platform, an HR and benefits program, a finance and accounting system, and a hundred other things – but they didn’t know how to get it done. They needed help.

“Once we found NexFirm, things started to come together” said Stephen Menard. “They helped us put together a business plan and offered us all of the operations and administrative solutions we needed. When we shared our launch plans with our clients, they were impressed and supportive of this strategy. It really put my mind to rest.”

As soon as they gave notice to their employer, the unthinkable happened: Joe found himself in a family health crisis that had him in the hospital day and night attending to his loved ones. (Thankfully, things have improved). Without his participation in the launch effort, Steve really had a lot on his plate. Nonetheless, Joe & Steve opened the doors to their new firm, Trabucco & Menard, 30 days later.

How did they do it? Joe Trabucco explained that “The team at NexFirm took care of the myriad of tasks in front of us. We would not have been able to grab this window of opportunity without NexFirm.”

“We love to see clients launch and operate successful practices” said David DePietto, CEO of NexFirm. “Our success is directly tied to our clients’ success.”

Quite a success it has been. Trabucco & Menard recently completed their first month in business ahead of projections, with a growing client list, and an outlook for a very prosperous year.

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