Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At NexFirm, we are eating our own dog food - Social Media

NexFirm is changing the way small and mid-sized services companies operate. We free up entrepreneurs to focus on producing top notch work product and develop new business by handling the arduous and time consuming task of managing back office operations. Our platform enables our partner firms to focus on what they do best, save money and enjoy a greater chance of success.

As part of our service offering, NexFirm manages the web presence for our clients, including their website and social media initiatives. You may think that social media is a vehicle for Ashton Kutcher to share his every whim with adoring teenagers. Maybe so, but at the same time it is a powerful and inexpensive way for businesses to cultivate relationships with existing and prospective clients. In the time it would take to write a thank you note, you can reach hundreds or even thousands with a value added bit of information. This keeps you fresh in the mind of your clients and enhances the perception of you as a resource and an expert in your field.

Social media can include company and industry blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn [you should input the trademark sign on these names] communications as well as email campaigns. To be effective, content must be added regularly and be tailored to the interest of the readers. This may seem like a daunting task when you already have a full schedule, but the results can be significant and amply justify the time and energy.

Starting in September, NexFirm will lead our clients by example by launching a comprehensive social media calendar. Our activities on the web will include weekly blog publishing, Twitter and Facebook activities as well as periodic web conferences and other online events.

Here’s what you can expect from NexFirm:

• During the first week of each month, NexFirm’s CEO David DePietto will publish a column entitled “From the Partner’s Perspective” which will discuss strategic and tactical issues faced by small and mid-sized firms for those who run or hope to launch a practice.

• During the second week of each month, Beth Anisman, CEO of consultancy B&Co. and board member at NexFirm will publish a column entitled “Operations: Confidential” which will cover a wide range of issues in the professional services space from business development and operational excellence to career advice and personal enrichment.

• During the third week of each month, NexFirm’s CTO Mark Mathias will publish a column entitled “TechTalk” which will discuss technology solutions, issues and opportunities for professional practices.

• During the fourth week of the month (and the fifth if there is one), NexFirm will invite a guest author for “The Hot Seat” which will address a wide variety of topics in the area of interest for small and mid-sized professional firms.

The objective is to establish NexFirm as a resource for those who run small or mid-sized service firms, and build a name synonymous with launching and operating firms of this type. Give some thought to your objective; then let NexFirm help you reach it by creating an online marketing program for your firm.


David DePietto is the Chief Executive Officer at NexFirm. He can be reached at 646-666-8990 or